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My recent interview on Ready to heal with host Betsy Sawyer Gaylin

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Jamie and Charlie

Charlie and Jamie

Are you trying to understand your animals behavior?

What if they are trying to communicate with you and your not getting it?

What if there was a way for you to communicate with animals that you haven’t yet acknowledged?

Choco and Jamie

So what would it take for you to allow me to facilitate for you and your animals?

Give me a call and let’s see what else is possible .

May the Horse be with you !

My willingness to be present with animals has allowed me to expand my awareness beyond the limitations of this reality.

mom and baby horseAnd what contribution can I be to you and your animals that would allow for greater possibilities to show up in your world so that the potency that you be can allow for greater awareness and your capacity to acknowledge that in oneness with everything anything is possible?

  • Would you like to understand your pet?
  • Is your pet suffering from illness, disease, injury or aging?
  • Would you like to change your pet’s behaviors?
  • What if our animals are more conscious than us and what are they here to show us?
  • What are we refusing that we could be choosing that would allow us to be present with our animals to receive the gifts they have for us?

Are you a horse person in Saratoga Springs, NY that is looking for someone to facilitate energetic communication that could assist in the healing process with your horses?

What I do is, I contribute to the energy with horses that are hard to handle, nervous, won’t settle, sick, sore or need special attention. In the process they recognize the energetic communication that is taking place and the healing process starts to happen. Horses have an incredible capacity to heal themselves, but sometimes they just need a little energetic communication to unlock areas where they are stuck. And that is where I come in!

Listen to my recent radio interview:

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