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Horse Whisperer /Animal Communicator / Energy Healing Saratoga Springs New York

so what does it mean to be a horse whisperer / animal communicator ?

so what awareness do you get around that question?

would you be willing to go beyond the fixed points of view from this reality to be in the awareness that allows you to be a animal/horse whisperer ?

what if you already have the capacity to be an animal / horse whisperer but you haven’t acknowledged it because you have aligned and agreed that it has to be a certain way based on this reality ?

wow… a whole lot awareness around that… huh ?

would you me to facilitate for you and go beyond the limitations that are keeping you stuck in this area ?

what else is possible that you haven’t yet considered ?

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Animal Communication/Healing Energy/Holistic Alternative Approach Saratoga Springs New York

how much space are you willing to create that would allow you to expand so you can better communicate with your animals?

so what awarenes does that bring up for you  ?

you see when we are willing to be the expansive space that is available for us we start to receive the amazing gifts from our animals .

so what gifts have you been refusing to receive from your animlas that if you would choose to  receive would change everything that would allow the awareness for healing energy /communication to be greater than you ever dreamed possible ?

so what would it take to just ask for it and choose it ?

wanna talk about it ?

ask me about getting your bars run  ?

what are bars ?

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ciao jamie


ainmal communication/healing energy/holistic/alternative approach saratoga springs new york

did you know that animals can talk ?

what if your animals behavior or acting out is a way for them to communicate with you ?

so what would it take to receive that ?

i know when i’m facilitating with animals the space that i can occupy becomes larger than i ever could imagine, in that space is where healing energy/communication takes place .

wanna know how to get there, be that space , know that you know, so you can receive all the gifts from our animal kingdom  ?

what would it take for you to give me a call ?

if your willing to ask question’s around healing energy/animal communication you have the possibility to change everything for you and your animals .

how cool is that !



animal communication / energy healing saratoga springs new york

what could you choose today that would contribute to allowing you to better communicate with  animals that you were unwilling to choose yesterday ?

i ask this question every day .

we have been trained to look for answers to our question’s rather than go to our awareness/knowingness  that can give us everything we require/desire .

this is where the animal kingdom function’s from , awareness is their gps system .

when we are willing to be in that space with them the possibilities that show can be quite amazing.

the capacities we have  for animal communication/healing/alternative/holistic are right there for us to choose.

what would it take for you to choose it today?

would you like to know more ?

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animal communication/energy healing saratoga springs new york

how was your weekend ? mine was great ,i spent the weekend in nyc on the upper westside i had molly with me , she is the yorskhire terrier in the video,

molly is a healer , every where i go with her she just draws people to her, even in nyc where i think people get a bad rap on being unfriendly.

molly does her energy healing and communicating by just showing up to be an invitation for conscious awareness

would you like to know what that looks like and how to get there ?

okay what would it take for you to give me a call ?

what would it take for you to acknowledge that energy in your animals , so you can communicate with them with total ease ?

ciao jamie

animal communication / healing saratoga springs new york

did you know that all animals communicate telepathically , so what would it take to communicate with your animals from that space ?

we all have the capacity to function that way, all it take’s is a willingness to be present with the energy and just allow the communication  to happen

we are more potent than we give ourselves credit for…… so what if our animals through the flow of communication and healing allows us to be that potentcy ?

what can i facilitate for you and your animals that would allow a greater space from which to function from ?

ciao jamie


saratoga springs new york horse communication/healing enrgy/holistic/alternative approach

choosing to know all my question’s created some awareness for all of you.

saratoga springs is known for over a century of horse racing , what if the horses that have been here and the horses that are now here have continued to hold a space for healing energy occur ?

when we are willing to communicate with horses they can give us a holistic picture that is bigger than what we are used to seeing , that’s how they function.

when i’m working with horses i ask how much space is required to receive the whole picture ?

how much space are you requiring to function in this reality to be able to receive the healing energy from horses and to better communicate with them?

let me know how i can contibute

ciao jamie

animal communication /healing saratoga springs new york

saratog springs new york

so what if today could be a day for you to receive greater awareness from your animals ?

and what if by you asking question’s can actually make that happen ?

so what does animal communication / healing look like to you ?

who is really healing who when it comes to communicating with your animals ?

do our animals hold a space for us that invites us to communicate / heal and show up to be present with them ?

how much fun can you have today with communicating and receiving healing energy from your animals ?

how can i contribute energy for you and your animals ?

soooooo many question’s ??????


animal communication ,energy healing ,alternative / holistic approach


a big hello to all you animals lovers , hope you all are enjoying this beautiful spring day.

what if there was a different way to be with your animals that could create more ease with them?

would you be willing to be in the question  ,so what do i mean by that ?

when you ask your animals a question they will give you an answer that allows you to change the condition.

so how does that work ?

we function from ,decision’s and conclusion’s that limit us from seeing the bigger picture.

are our animals  trying to give us these pictures ? what have we decided that won’t allow us to receive them ?

i work with the amazing tools and processes of  Access Consciousness that provide for greater awareness in this area

what would it take for you to give me a call and see what possibilities are avaiable for you and your animals

have an incredible day!

race horses saratoga springs

i know its that’s time of the year when the whispers of horse racing start to come alive. alot of kentucky derby talk flying around and people getting excited about it after a long cold winter here in the northeast.

so for all you horse lovers/owners/trainers… do you have a horse that might need some special attention , maybe in the area of energy healing/horse communication that could create some greater in your horse.

check out my web site and feel free to give me a call