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My animal shelter story

I have been fortunate enough over the last two years to be able to volunteer my services at my local animal shelter. I use the tools and body processes of Access Consciousness to facilitate for the dogs at the shelter.

Last Friday I was asked to work on a dog who was very ill, he had stopped eating and drinking and lost a lot of weight. They really weren’t sure what was going on with him. I’m always grateful to be able to show up and facilitate for these dogs in these kinds of situations because I know how effective the tools of access can be.

So I was led to one of the staff members office behind the scenes where my new friend Quincy who is a small mix pitbull was in a crate with an IV hooked up to him. I took him out of the crate and started working on him, he seemed very happy with the attention I was giving him as he responded with sloppy kisses and it was easy to facilitate for him. I didn’t get that there were any kind of blockages or cancer in his body.

So I continued doing what I usually do with the animals which is very similar to what I do with people, asking questions and running some body processes and using the clearing statement and just following the energy around the awareness. After about 15 minutes I started to notice a change in his body, something had shifted and he was telling me he had to go outside and I was able to find someone to take the IV off him so I could take him for a walk.

We went outside and sure enough he had to pee and poop , which is usually the case when I start working on their bodies ,they move energy very quickly. At this point I offered him some cookies and he took them one after another after another, which was very cool to see that he got his appetite back so quickly.

I stayed with him for a little while longer before I left for the evening. The staff still seem concerned about his situation based on their evaluations which I totally honored. I’m usually only at the shelter on the weekends, so the following weekend I showed up and was informed that they had done exploratory surgery on Quincy and didn’t find anything.

I was able to go back and take him out of the crate he was in and spend the afternoon with him. He was full of life very strong, vibrant with a very healthy appetite to eat and drink. Oh, I should mention that one of the processes that I ran on Quincy was exit stage left . It was very cool to see what Quincy chose and how he was able to heal himself in such a magical way.

Yeahhh! For the tools of access consciousness🙄

Oh and by the way Quincy wanted me to tell everyone that he is available for adoption if anyone is looking for a small mixed Pit that is lovable, adorable, affectionate, feisty and very aware with a lot of potency!

The Shelter Story

I have been volunteering at my local animal shelter for the past 10 months. In that time I’ve had some great connections, awarenesses and experiences with the dogs. There are quite a variety of dogs there – a lot of pit bulls seem to show up at the shelter and I had never had the experience of working with them in the past. They are teaching me and showing me how to be with them. Most of my experience with animals has been with horses, but this time spent at the animal shelter with these dogs has opened up so much more awareness for me that I have to share it with you.

In this reality, pit bulls get a bad rap. There are so many projections, expectations and judgments that have been placed on them, that even when I first started there I was aware of how that had affected me and everything I was holding onto around that perception. As I started to change the way I was seeing them, I became more aware that they are dogs just like the rest of the pack there.

I do a lot of processing and asking questions when I’m there working with the dogs and running body processes on them. They love it and they receive the energy so easily – I see the changes taking place right before my eyes!

pitbullChance is a pit bull that was abandoned and ended up at the shelter. I’ve been working with him and running body processes on him. He’s a lot calmer and nicer to be with now. He has a lot of potency and high energy. These pit bulls are very strong, their energy has been quite an invitation for me to step into a greater space from which to function and in that space it is so much easier to facilitate for them and see them heal themselves… how cool is that?

After about two months of volunteering there, my friend Barbra got an awareness that I could play Gary’s “Abuse with Animals” CD while I’m there. So I took her advice and I’ve been playing that CD there every weekend for the last eight months. The changes that have been occurring there in that time are across the board for animals and for people.

This is a very large shelter they can house 60 or more dogs and many cats as well.

In the last couple months the head of the shelter has resigned along with several other key people that were not happy being there for whatever the reason. It is a government-run facility with lots of politics involved. Along with these people leaving, I’ve noticed the population of the dogs there has been decreasing as well. There seems to be a lighter energy in the whole facility and with fewer dogs. This past weekend when I was there it seemed like there were more volunteers than dogs.

The shelter has been in the news. When I got home last night, I saw the shelter on TV and they were talking about how the people who had resigned are now starting up a petition to create changes and better conditions for the animals. I know the effect that Access Consciousness has had on my life in the last four years… so what if my willingness to be more and to show up and play Gary’s “Abuse with Animals” CD has contributed and facilitated these changes to occur? What else is possible (WEIP?)?

xena-mayThis is Xena May. She is a small to medium pit bull that ended up in the shelter she was underweight and very high strung. When she was in her kennel inside the building she would jump up and down and chase herself in circles. During the day the staff decided to put her outside in an outdoor kennel. She seemed to calm down some. I used to see her as I was walking some of the other dogs past her, and after hearing her story I just got this hit to go in and work with her. So, I did a couple of weeks ago. I went into her kennel and started asking her questions and asked her how I could contribute to her body and what process I could run on her that would create more ease in her body. I got a sense it was MTVSS.

As I sat on the kennel floor she got on my lap and allowed me to run this process and she received it and got very relaxed. As I do with the other dogs, I ran a clearing to unlock anything that wouldn’t allow her to choose.

In the past when I’ve done this with dogs, and even with some cats, they have gotten adopted very quickly… ACCESS never ceases to amaze me!!!

Interestingly enough, that night when one of the volunteers brought her back to her indoor kennel, Xena got triggered by the energy indoors and she bit the woman. When a dog in the shelter bites anyone they put the dog in quarantine. I heard this story the following week from another volunteer who had tears in her eyes when she was telling me the story. The consensus around the quarantine situation was that it was a bad place.

When I’m there working with the dogs it is very easy to be in allowance of whatever is taking place, so I don’t get into the “good and bad” or “right or wrong” and it makes facilitating with the animals so much easier. So I didn’t have a point of view of what had occurred.

From time to time I was getting reports that Xena was doing well, they told me she had calmed down a lot, and being in quarantine seemed to stop her jumping up and down and spinning around in her kennel.

xena2Just yesterday one of the gals asked me if I would like to walk Xena. Of course, I said yes. I was so happy to see her. She gave me a warm greeting she looked like a completely different dog. She put on weight, her coat was shiny, her eyes were brighter and she was much calmer. So I started asking questions around “how can it get any better than this?”

The awareness that I came to was “What if Xena was actually able to choose and create her situation to get into quarantine, which was such an incredible contribution to her body and her being, and what if her receiving the Access Consciousness body processes and clearings was what she required and had facilitated the changes?” How cool is that?

An Alternative, Holistic Approach to Behavioral Therapy with Horses

My 30+ years of experience of working with horses allows me to use a hands-on approach that is very beneficial for both me and the horses.

What I’m trying to get across here is, I know my way around horses, which allows the communication process to be easy and enjoyable. Because I’m able to get up-close and personal with them I can create a greater connection / communication with me and the horse that allows for great possibilities for the changes to occur.

If this approach speaks to you or your horse, remember the free tool I gave you. You can use it now and ask your horses if they require my facilitation and see what you get?

Energy Healing for Horses

The way I see the energy healing for horses that shows up in my world

Energy healing for horses is the ability to be present with them in a calm state that creates a space for paths and doorways to open. Where one can receive the gifts that they are offering without any judgement and without limitation.

What I do in this space is, I start to ask questions and the questions create more awareness. With the awareness, I have the ability to use tools and processes that speak to the energy and contribute to whatever is required for changes to take place.

Typically my clients are having issues with their horses that can vary from having a horse that is hard to handle or the horse might be nervous, lame or sick. I ask questions to get more awareness around what is creating that situation. The question is a great tool in itself that always creates awareness and within that awareness are the possibilities that can contribute for the changes to occur. And I use specific tools and processes to clear any stuck or blocked energy that would get in the way of the healing process.

When I am working with horses, it is very easy for me to tap into the capacity that I have that allows the healing process to occur.

Upcoming events

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