Energy Healing for Horses

The way I see the energy healing for horses that shows up in my world

Energy healing for horses is the ability to be present with them in a calm state that creates a space for paths and doorways to open. Where one can receive the gifts that they are offering without any judgement and without limitation.

What I do in this space is, I start to ask questions and the questions create more awareness. With the awareness, I have the ability to use tools and processes that speak to the energy and contribute to whatever is required for changes to take place.

Typically my clients are having issues with their horses that can vary from having a horse that is hard to handle or the horse might be nervous, lame or sick. I ask questions to get more awareness around what is creating that situation. The question is a great tool in itself that always creates awareness and within that awareness are the possibilities that can contribute for the changes to occur. And I use specific tools and processes to clear any stuck or blocked energy that would get in the way of the healing process.

When I am working with horses, it is very easy for me to tap into the capacity that I have that allows the healing process to occur.