Facilitating Healing Energy with Animals

Would you be willing to choose a different possibility from your knowingness ?

Well I did today and it turned out to be very cool !

This morning I decided to go my local animal shelter where I volunteer walking dogs and facilitating for them…. you might ask how do I facilitate…. I ask them question’s which allows me to tap into their energy and I get awareness from them.

You see, I’ve always had this capacity to be with animals and we all do I’m just choosing to be more of it ,that’s what makes  it  very easy and available for me .

So I got to the animal shelter always showing up being more space and with no vested interest or conclusion’s of what could be possible and asking how I can be a greater contribution today ?

I walked into the shelter to walk one of the dog’s and one of the very cool volunteer’s told me they were having a Petapalooza (animal adoption fair) down the road and most of the dog’s would be going except for Bella ,so she said I could walk her , so I proceeded  to go get Bella and take her for a walk .

I met her in her kennel she is a young pit bull mix and just so you know, me like everyone else before I started coming to this animal shelter had somewhat  of  a point of view from this reality to be a bit cautious  because of all the  projection’s that had been placed on them ,fortunately  from working with them, they the dog’s were able to change that for me , can you see the incredible invitation our animals are to us ?  I am sooo grateful !

She had recently been spayed ,she is very sweet ,alert ,smart , lot’s of energy and very responsive to commands.

So I took her for a walk and started asking her question’s , running clearing’s and processes, most of you know about Access Consciousness processes if not then you need to give me a call.

One of the clearing I ran was about Bella choosing ,you see everything is about choice even with animals … you might want to ask “who is choosing who” ? I perceived a lot more space around Bella from that.

As I was walking Bella I saw another volunteer and started up a conversation about Bella not being allowed to go to the Petapalooza ,she told me she thought it would be too much for Bella and she could  get very overwhelmed with all the people and other animals, because she had the point of view that Bella was nervous ,high energy and didn’t trust what might happen with that…. and I got that.

So I said can I ask you a question’s and of course she said yes ,how do you think Bella will react when we put all these projection’s on her and it wasn’t that Bella didn’t exhibit these traits , I just saw them with no point of view , just  “what else is possible”?   and she got where I was going .

When I hear all that as I do all the time ,for me I go into interesting point of view you have that point of view ,which doesn’t make it right or wrong but ends up as a projection to the animals and what do you think the animals do with that ?

Because I’m always asking for “what else is possible” and ” interesting point of view” it opens a doorway  to more space where greater possibilities can occur. Oh and bye the way don’t use this on people it won’t work…Ha Ha !

Okay so that’s where my  knowingness kicks in which we all have , we just have to trust it . So I asked the volunteer  what would it take to get Bella to the Petapalooza ,because I just had this awareness that she should be there .

She told me to talk to one of the employee’s  and it just so happened there was one   right outside like she was waiting for us .

Now as I’m telling you this story and writing  it so you can possibly be in the space to see how everything is lining up so magically and you know that’s what happens when your willing to be the gift and the change  you truly be and to trust that you know.

So now Bella and I are outside talking to the staff member , I asked her if she knows what I do and she said that she didn’t …cool.

Well I told her in so many words , don’t ask what that was , its the energy of who you be that people get and she got it , that gave  us the green light to go to the Petapalooza ,did I mention I had No idea this event was even taking place today ,at least consciously anyway.

So she went inside to get me an orange tee shirt, one of my favorite colors and Bella’s paper’s and told me I could take her in my car to the event .

We got to my car and I opened the hatch back not really thinking about how Bella was going to react ,well she saw the opening and jumped on up into my car.

So here we go down the road to the event ,I was so aware of her energy in my car the only other  time I had a dog in my car was with Molly who you all know Barbra’s dog ,this was a little different .

She was a little nervous and wasn’t really relaxing into the ride and that was cool it just gave me time to run processes and clearings on her and for a time there was a space in the back seat where molly used to sit that she found comforting  .

We made it to the event ,there were lot’s of people and dogs it was very crowded , there was a road block to get to where our shelter was and a guard was instructing me to park way down the road  ,well that was not going to work so I did a little manipulating so we could park right next to our tent .I told the guard I had a dog that had special needs and I had to park closer he said ok I could park drop her off and then move my car …yah right  thank you sir.

Got a great spot parked, it seemed Bella was anxious to get out of the car, I got that I had to be very aware with her . I opened my door slowly and she lunged from the back seat to he driver’s seat I grabbed the leash and bang she was out of the car with lot’s of energy ….WOW!

I knew I had to be very aware with her, did I mention how strong she was with lot’s of energy,she was a handful  and that was cool , we made our to some familiar volunteer’s with there dog’s .

I got this awareness from Bella from the first moment I was with her that she just wanted be with who ever could receive her for the gift that she be. So as we got closer  to the tent and with all the people and dog’s  all of sudden this woman approaches us and ask’s it that Bella ,things got kinda quiet in my world ,I asked myself is this what all the awareness was that I was getting from Bella that got us to this point ?

This woman her husband and three children had seen Bella on the shelter’s web site and they were there waiting for her , “how can it get even better than that” ?

I spent the 30-40 minutes getting to know this family as they did getting to know  Bella .She chose a loving family and everyone was happy  YEAH !

I was in so much joy and gratitude for what this dog Bella had gifted to all us .

So would you be willing to ask for what else is possible in your life today and to see the gift that our animals be ?