facilitating healing energy with some wonderful dogs at saratoga county animal shelter

welcome to my blog

i spent the morning in total bliss and joy with some wonderful dogs at the saratoga county animal shelter in balston spa.

its so cool that  i get to play with these amazing dogs , they allow me to get such expansive awareness…. how did i get so  lucky  ?

there were some very cool women volunteering this morning ,they were such a contribution to the awareness that i was getting for the dogs.

who would of thought that facilitating for theses dogs could be so easy ,well for me it does feel that way when i’m willing to take the action required .

when your willing to show up in a space of present moment awareness you can receive the gifts our animals give to us , they are the healers,doing the healing , just ask a question ,get the awareness and follow the energy.

i am so lucky to have the tools and processes from  www.AccessConsciousness.com    that so easily speaks to our animals  and starts to create greater possibilities for change to occur.

you can call what i’m doing holistic/alternative/energy healing therapy that will address any behavioral issues

check out my free tool light & heavy on my website and see what is possible for you and animals

let me know if there is anything i can facilitate for you and your animals

until next time     ciao jamie