Horse Whisperer / Animal Communication / Energy Healing

Here is a story i’d like to share with you  when I volunteered at a local rescue farm.

I worked on a horse at a local rescue farm, his name is Pyro a former thorobred that  found his way to the farm by way of his owner passing.

The story they told me about him was that he was sad, stiff ,sore , lame and not real happy ,all of this info I use to facilitate and clear stuck energy .

 I spent about two hours with him , I took him for a walk and we found a grassy field.

He had alot of life in him, I say this because I thought he was much younger than  the age they had told me ,which was around early twenties. 

He munched on grass like it was his last meal  and let me run some Access Consciousness body  processes on him .

We cleared all the rejections, projections , separations  ,expectations, judgments and any points of views  that have been put on him .

Alot of awareness came up  when I tapped into his former owner Jackie , when I brought up her name he turned to me and his eyes got big.

 We cleared  the stuck energy around him and Jackie, and I thanked him  for being the the healer for her  in this lifetime and I told him he didn’t have to be the affect of that anymore,  which allowed him to let go of that  energy he was holding on to.

There was a significant change in his body language ,his eyes got brighter,his stiffness became softer. I had him trot off with me and he moved in a more fluid motion.

I continued to run some more Access Consciousness body processes which he received right away .

The animals love this stuff.

I’m always amazed how much gifting and receiving takes place when I’m working  with  Horses.

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